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    Concise, Elegant, Stylish
    Innovative, and Energy Efficient
    CONPIN fan powered heating convector features large heating capacity, fast temperature rise, low noise and accurate in temperature control.

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    Concise in design, Unique Style
    To be particular about details, and constantly strive for perfection

    CONPIN Electric Heated Air Curtain is equipped with low noise centrifugal blowers and aluminum finned heaters, thus CONPIN Heated Electric Air Curtain characters in long air supply distance, large heating capacity, and excellent reliability. In addition, the air outlet temperature is adjustable for better environment control. For better safety, multi safeguard measures are adopted.

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    conpin New Factory
    CONPIN new factory imported the latest generation Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine, Electro-Hydraulic Servo CNC Bending Machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, Numerical Control Turret Punch Press, etc.

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    Concealed after installation, fan powered force convection
    Low noise and high efficiency
    CONPIN fan powered heating convector features large heating capacity, fast temperature rise, low noise and accurate in temperature control. The heating convector can be installed in the concealed way to integrated with the building interior decoration.

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    Concise and Stylish, Forced Convection for enhanced heat transfer
    Better indoor thermal comfort, more energy efficient
    CONPIN heating convector features fast temperature rise, high efficiency heat transfer, concise in appearance, and long service life.

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    Totally new design, high efficiency heat transfer
    Controlled by thermostat, and the air supply angle is adjustable
    CONPIN fan heating features: large heating capacity, low noise fan, large air flow volume, light weighted, the air outlet louvers are adjustable, thermostat controlled, and easy installation/maintenance.

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Innovation on energy efficient products is the consistent commitment for CONPIN
Innovation on energy efficient products is our consistent commitment. We strive for perfection to perfect products and services.
We provide different product pipelines to meet different indoor/outdoor environment conditions,
And we are working hard to provide even more.
We pay extreme attention to detail and high standard quality.
CONPIN floor buried heating convector features innovative design on heat exchanger, concise and elegant appearance, high energy efficiency and super performance stability.
We are confident to bring the best product globally
Superior Quality, Energy Efficient, safe and environmental friendly, innovative
CONPIN product features concise in design, while we commit to provide healthy and comfort environment in an energy efficiency way!
The product is elegant and stylish, concise means more.
We are moving forward on our legendary path.
  • Pangu Plaza (Beijing) complex selected CONPIN heated air curtains and floor buried heating convectors. Pangu plaza complex is seated near the Water Cube, featuring breathtaking views of Beijing’s Olympic Park theatre of dreams. Pangu plaza complex include Pangu Luxury 7 Star hotel as well as world class office space, deluxe restaurants, conference rooms, lavish residences and the breathtakingly opulent Sky Courtyards.
  • Beijing Capital Airport T3 Terminal employed buried tube-fin heating convector from CONPIN as their space heating equipment.
  • Beijing Capital Airport business jet airplane building adopted tube-fin heating convector from CONPIN as the space heating devices.
  • Dalian Heavy Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. selected CONPIN’s side blowing heated air curtain duo. The air curtain sealed the door with height of 20 meters, with width of 30 meters. It is the largest air curtain in China.
  • Beijing Capital Airport T1 Terminal employed CONPIN ceiling concealed hot water heated air curtains and electric heated air curtains during their retrofit.
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